Faith Community Alliance of Greater Cincinnati (FCA) is a non-profit organization formed more than twelve years ago whose purpose is to be a forum for the sharing of information and community action. The FCA represents clergy, community leaders and representatives of social services who meet monthly, sharing information in an open dialogue about the critical issues that are affecting our community as well seeking counsel on how to raise public awareness.  It has often served as a conduit between the community and local government

“Prepare the Future Ohio” is a special, bipartisan, project of the Faith Community Alliance of Greater Cincinnati, Metropolitan Area Religious Coalition of Cincinnati, League of Women Voters of the Cincinnati Area, Citizens for Civic Renewal, Cincinnati-Hamilton County, Applied Information Resources and the Southern Ohio Episcopal Diocese. Prepare the Future has the following goals Ohio’s educational policy must be measured to show that it either contributes or detracts from the right of all Ohio’s children to an education.
Instructional, management and governance practices must be based on evidence that they work or, at the very least, do no harm.
A reasonable accountability system for Ohio’s educators, students, and citizens.
A system of funding that is fairly raised and equability distributed.

Pastor Rousseau A. O’Neal of Rockdale Baptist Church, President, Faith Community Alliance of Greater Cincinnati

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